Oshkosh Job Available: Shop Technician

This role manages inventory and storage and keeps on top of upcoming work orders, ensuring we have enough materials on hand to complete every job in the pipeline.  

This employee will report to the office manager and handle responsibilities that include: 

  • Attend weekly meeting 
  • Daily review of next day’s work 
  • Inform office manager of materials that must be ordered 
  • Check/fill all blue bins 
  • Collate end cap boxes for each color 
  • Check/fill downspout bands for each color 
  • Watch/call for recycle bins 
  • Garbage dumpsters out every Thursday 
  • Monthly inventory 
  • Shipping and receiving 


  • Recommended HS Diploma or GED equivalent 
  • Effective communicator with associates, customers, suppliers and business partners 
  • Proven leadership experience preferable in a team or participative management environment 
  • Effective resolution and decision-making skills 


  • High level of ethical integrity and corporate professionalism 
  • Values diversity, “thinking outside the box” 
  • Respect the strengths in all team members 
  • Furthers training or education to maintain current skills and develop new skills 
  • High level of motivation and willingness to motivate other PSMI associates 
  • Follows company policies and regulations 
  • Always promotes Pinnow Sheet Metal Inc. in a positive light, (corporate, safety, future et al)